NHM Dialogues

Oral History, at NHM & Beyond with Jeremy Bucher

August 06, 2021 The National Hellenic Museum Season 1 Episode 15
NHM Dialogues
Oral History, at NHM & Beyond with Jeremy Bucher
Show Notes

In this episode, Katie & Cairo sit down with NHM's Collections & Archives Manager, Jeremy Bucher, to discuss NHM's Oral History Program and Oral History and the discipline as an increasingly valuable resource for historians more broadly.

NHM's Kamberos Oral History Center:

Chicago Cultural Alliance (CCA) Stories of  Arts Resilience with StoryCorps:

Cairo & Katie's interview for Stories of Arts Resilience:

Jeremy's Interview with Andrew Leith (CCA) for Stories of Arts Resilience:

Want to Record an Oral History with NHM?
Email oralhistory@hellenicmuseum.org to schedule a time to record an oral history for yourself or someone in your life with NHM staff or ask for our do it yourself guide to record your own!

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Created by Cairo Dye & Katie Kelaidis
Produced & Edited by Cairo Dye 

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