NHM Dialogues

Inside Yannis Tsarouchis' Studio with Ashley Janke & Philip Tarlow

June 04, 2021 The National Hellenic Museum Season 1 Episode 12
NHM Dialogues
Inside Yannis Tsarouchis' Studio with Ashley Janke & Philip Tarlow
Show Notes

This episode focuses on Yannis Tsarouchis, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest Greek painters of the 20th Century.  Katie & Cairo are joined by Ashley Janke, the Program & Education Coordinator at Wrightwood 659, and Philip Tarlow, a painter and Tsarouchis' 'American Protégé', to discuss Tsarouchis' life, works, and Tarlow's experiences with his late mentor & friend.

This episode is in collaboration with Wrightwood 659 for their current exhibit, Yannis Tsarouchis: Dancing in Real Life.  The exhibit is the first U.S. exhibition of Tsarouchis' work and is on display at Wrightwood 659 until July 31st.
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Created by Cairo Dye & Katie Kelaidis
Produced & Edited by Cairo Dye 

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