NHM Dialogues

Coal Mining Communities & Family Heritage with Mark Dye

March 12, 2021 The National Hellenic Museum Season 1 Episode 6
NHM Dialogues
Coal Mining Communities & Family Heritage with Mark Dye
Show Notes

Katie & Cairo are joined by Cairo's dad, Mark Dye, to discuss their family history in Appalachian coal mines and compare it to Katie's similar family history in the coal mines of the Inner-Mountain West.  The three discuss the ways in which those communities have been historically similar and different in various regions of the country, and the ways in which the communities have evolved differently over time.

This episode of NHM Dialogues is a companion piece to NHM's video "Greek Mining Communities in the Inner-Mountain West", available now on NHM's YouTube Channel.  Find the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_maB6bHBEKw&t=2s

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Created by Cairo Dye & Katie Kelaidis
Produced & Edited by Cairo Dye 

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